Information security policy

Purpose of Organization

Okamoto Holdings and its subsidiary companies are running a wide range of businesses from retail to services, aiming to create a comfortable future life. Okamoto Holdings, which takes the important role of the group, manages the group companies properly to provide goods and services in their businesses, conveniently and widely to meet the needs of more customers to satisfy them with safety and reliability as the first priority.

Information Security Objective

Based on the continuous efforts of ISMS, we will acquire corporate governance ability to set up, manage and provide the level of security and safety required by customers / business partners and employees themselves, thereby further contributing to the development of our company We aim to achieve results.

Commitment to continuous improvement of information security management system

  1. Protection of information assets

    We will protect important information assets, including personal information we got from the customer and any other else, from various threats such as loss, theft, misuse, leakage and tampering.

  2. Compliance with laws and regulations

    We fully recognize the importance of information security and we will securely comply with applicable laws, regulations and requirements.

  3. Continuous improvement

    We will periodically evaluate and review the information security basic policy, relevant regulations and management system corresponding to environmental changes and we will maintain and improve security measures appropriately.

  4. Implementation of education and training

    We will implement necessary education, training and enlightenment activities so that management and employees will fully recognize the importance of information assets.

  5. Information security accident management

    In the event of an accident, we will minimize the impact and deal properly and also prevent recurrence.

IS 664279 / ISO 27001