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Okamoto Group CEO Kenichi Okamoto

Okamoto Group is developing a wide range of businesses as a customer life supporting company.

It started in a small town called Naka-Shihoro, in the Tokachi district of Hokkaido. My father, the founder evolved his personal shops to a gas station business in Obihiro city. As I grew up watching my father working, I already helped with his business since my childhood. When I graduated from a college, I succeeded to his business and started to establish Okamoto Company to manage gas station business. And then, I entered into a completely different business of swimming school to further develop the business, My father was a person with a vigorous business motivation and always had a willingness to expand. As I was always watching him closely, I also gained motivation to expand business, I believe.

After that, I proactively acquired many companies, so the Okamoto Group's business rapidly expanded further. I also started overseas expansion in 2014. And now, we have four regional head offices in Hokkaido, Tokyo, Kagawa, and Ishikawa Prefecture to control the domestic businesses and the number of stores have reached to over 600, consist of equity stores and affiliated stores.

The strength of Okamoto Group is to further expand the business of an acquired company. Our business growth strategy is to utilize both organic growth and inorganic growth. Based on our experience, we have built know-how to maximize the value of acquired company. We will continue to work aggressively on the M & A to accelerate the growth, while maintaining the group's centripetal force; we will continue to develop the business in the swim that contributes to the local society.

We sincerely appreciate your continuous supports to Okamoto Group Companies.

Okamoto Group CEO
Kenichi Okamoto