CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)


CSR is the Okamoto's philosophy itself.
As a company rooted in the community,
We will continue to do our best to the environment, the locals.


Concept of CSR

As a member of society, Okamoto Group is strengthening its CSR efforts to contribute to creation of a sustainable society.
Companies exert various influences on society and the environment through business activities. Business activities must be correct in light of the social norms. CSR not only provides customers with high quality products and services at a reasonable price, but also reduces the burden on the global environment, observes laws and social norms, to do the right activities.

Direction of CSR

CSR is nothing less than a reflection of the management philosophy.
We believe that CSR is a corporate activity itself, which makes "corporate philosophy" equals to "the origin of CSR".
Our group is consolidating and promoting these activities at the headquarters to strengthen activities related to social responsibility, such as CSR, compliance and environmental protection.
Risk management, personal information protection is part of those; whistleblowing hotline and employees' living consultation window are established.