Impressive service to each life in local community.
This wish is the origin of our multi-business development.

Expanded over 600 stores and service points in 40 prefectures in Japan Expanded over 600 stores and service points in 40 prefectures in Japan

Expanded over600stores and service points in40prefectures in Japan

We are growing as a nationally unparalleled conglomerate corporate group that originated from a provincial city.

Gas Station BusinessGas Station Business

Gas Station Business

Our self-service station is challenging to offer petroleum products such as gasoline, light oil and kerosene at the lowest prices in the region.
There are also complex service stations that carry out car wash, oil change, car inspection reception etc.
With more than 120 service stations in Japan, we are expanding services essential to your car life.

Okamoto Self Yamauchi Self  Kanashoku Okamoto Self Yamauchi Self  Kanashoku

  • Okamoto Self

    Okamoto Self

    Self-refueling gas station "Okamoto Self" is deployed mainly in Hokkaido and the Tohoku region.

  • Yamauchi Self

    Yamauchi Self

    We operate self-lubricating gas stations "Yamauchi Self" centering around Kagawa prefecture and Chugoku and Kyushu district.

  • Kanashoku


    We operate self-lubricating gas stations mainly in the Hokuriku region (Ishikawa, Toyama and Fukui prefecture).

Home Energy BusinessHome Energy Business

Home Energy Business

We have been engaged in the business of selling and repairing home propane gas and kerosene, gas appliances and heating equipment until now, but we newly started to offer low price electricity throughout Hokkaido and Tohoku area, according to the liberalization of electricity supply.
We plan to further expand our electricity supply areas in the future.

Okaden Energy Counseling Room by Okaene Okaden Energy Counseling Room by Okaene

  • Okaden


    We sell electricity in Hokkaido and Tohoku area as target area of supply. We aim to provide stable home energy by making full use of the know-how gained through sales of oils.

  • Energy Counseling Room by Okaene

    Energy Counseling Room by Okaene

    We are placing business bases throughout Tokachi city and Kitakami city, Hokkaido. We supply propane gas and kerosene. We also distribute and repair LP gas equipment and heating equipment and general housing-related products.

Automobile Maintenance BusinessAutomobile Maintenance Business

Automobile Maintenance Business

Our car maintenance business boasts 20,000 vehicle inspections per year, and has various courses of services that can meet all kinds of cars and divers' requirements. In addition, we also sell new and used cars and various spare parts and accessories, such as tires and wheels. Safety, reliability, and low price are our strong points.

Pit-off  Ratchet Monkey Pit-off  Ratchet Monkey

  • Pit-off


    We provide a variety of services for comfortable car life mainly in Hokkaido. We have established a 13,000 vehicle inspections per year, and support your car life with safely, securely and reliably as our motto.

  • Ratchet Monkey

    Ratchet Monkey

    As an expert group on automobiles, we support customers' safe, reliable and comfortable car life in Kagawa prefecture. In addition to failure diagnosis and general maintenance, we also sell new cars and used cars.

Fitness BusinessFitness Business

Fitness Business

We are developing various kinds of sports facilities to support customers' healthy and vivid lives. "JOYFIT" opened its first fitness clubs in 2001, and now it has reached to 250 fitness clubs in Japan, and successfully opened overseas clubs. We will continue to be the leading brand in the rapidly changing health markets.
We also operate budget fitness clubs named "FIT365" and a comprehensive body conditioning facility; "Teco Center" that conducts body preparation and training at the same time.




    Sports Club JOYFIT is a fitness club with a studio lesson menu in the region's largest number such as a fitness gym, aerobics, yoga etc.

  • JOYFIT24


    JOYFIT 24 is a specialized machine gym opens 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



    JOYFIT YOGA was born to provide ladies with healing time and refreshment. The lesson programs are based on the concept of "healing".



    Twenty minutes of exercise can yield four hours of effects.
    EMS (electric muscle stimulation) personal training is ideal for those who want to change their body shape in a short period of time.
    It is a completely new, cutting-edge technology that was originally used in rehabilitation treatment and has been adapted for workout use to enable more efficient exercise.

  • FIT365


    Fitness for all, it is FIT 365 slogan. One customer + three family members can use the club at monthly membership fee 2,980 JPY.
    The members enjoy not only a variety of fitness machines but also diverse studio programs all year round.

  • Teco Center

    Teco Center

    The Teco Center is a facility that provides body conditioning and training at the same time. We provide total service from body preparation to rehabilitation and boosting exercise capacity, aiming to "eliminate the cause of pain" as the ultimate objective.

Nursing Care BusinessNursing Care Business

Nursing Care Business

We provide rehabilitation services for the nursing care certified elderly persons and/or cerebral infarction patients who need nursing care and assistance. We also proceed with joint projects with the local governments, in order to support such persons to live independently, while aging Japanese society is progressing rapidly. A lot of qualified experts are at work in our service center.

Joyreha Joyreha Plus Joyreha Joyreha Plus

  • Joyreha
    Joyreha Plus


    Day Serviceliving-out nursing careJoyreha offers a 3 hours nursing care prevention special courses.

  • Joyreha NEXT


    Joyreha NEXT is a rehabilitation facility that specializes in conditions resulting from cerebral infarction, brain hemorrhage and orthopedic diseases, where patients receive private medical care. We provide comprehensive rehabilitation plans that meet the needs of each patient using evidence-based rehabilitation and the latest equipment. A physiotherapist or an occupational therapist aids and supports rehabilitation on a one-on-one basis for 120 minutes per session. Experience private rehabilitation that corresponds to the outcome.

Food Service BusinessFood Service Business

Food Service Business

We operate hamburger restaurants "BIKKURI DONKEY". Eating is the backbone of human life. We are actively working on environmental issues in order to contribute to a sustainable society as well as efforts to ensure food security and safety.




    "Hamburger Restaurant BIKKURI DONKEY" is continuously working on safety and reliability of foods and further making efforts on environmental issues to contribute to a sustainable society. We are one of the franchisee of BIKKURI DONKEY, and operate one restaurant in Obihiro city, Hokkaido and the others in Shikoku district.

Public Facility Operation Management BusinessPublic Facility Operation Management Business

Public Facility Operation Management Business

We are entrusted with designated management projects of public facilities such as sports facilities and lifelong learning centers. Put the know-how gained from swimming school and sports club management into the fresh and hot services. Our "Omotenashi spirit" is alive also in the Public Facility Business.

Tokachi Plaza SUNDOME AQURENA CHAPPO Yonettu Kochi Tokachi Plaza SUNDOME AQURENA CHAPPO Yonettu Kochi

  • Service site

    Service site

    We provide services as a designated management company of various sports facilities and public facilities in Hokkaido.

  • Yonettu Kochi

    Yonettu Kochi

    We are entrusted with the operation of Yonettu Kochi, a health enhancement center in Kochi City. The center's facilities include a heated pool, a large bath, a training room, and more, where visitors can take part in an extensive selection of lessons and programs, including swimming, yoga, and dance.

Second-hand Goods BusinessSecond-hand Goods Business

Second-hand Goods Business

Precious metal, clothing, toys, games, furniture and musical instruments ... etc. From branded goods to daily necessities, we are developing a recycling shop boasting a rich lineup. The intention is to convey 'Mottainai culture' to the future generation.
We contribute to the creation of a community recycling society, through trading of the Only One Items in the world.

Nandemo-recycle BIGBANG Kingram Nandemo-recycle BIGBANG Kingram

  • Nandemo-recycle 

    Nandemo-recycle BIGBANG

    It is a total recycling shop handling various items. In addition to "Nandemo-recycle BIGBANG", we also operate "Old Clothes Kingdom".

  • Kingram


    We specialize in jewelry such as gold and platinum, brand bags and accessories, watches, cash vouchers.

Book and Stationery Shop, Music and Video Rental BusinessBook and Stationery Shop, Music and Video Rental Business

Book and Stationery Shop, Music and Video Rental Business

We operate a book store with live café "OKASYO", book stores "OKAMOTO- SYOTEN", and DVD and CD rental shops "TSUTAYA (franchisee)". As a local information dissemination site, we provide the third place for daily life where you can discovery something and relax there.

OKASYO ツタヤ 岡本書店 OKASYO ツタヤ 岡本書店



    We support regional culture by books, stationery, music and video and offer high quality time to our customers. At the Café, customers can enjoy live music and experience events with their family.



    We rent DVDs and CDs and sell books and comics.

Internet Café BusinessInternet Café Business

Internet Café Business

We operate JOY CAFE, an internet café where billiards, table tennis, darts and karaoke as well as internet service are available,and a fully private rental room called NET MARU with 24-hour access.
We are introducing original services that all users, including ladies and overseas travelers can be satisfied.

NET MARU (Netomaru) JOY-Café NET MARU (Netomaru) JOY-Café

  • NET MARU (Netomaru)

    NET MARU (Netomaru)

    All rooms are fully private. It is a safe internet room for women who are also equipped with ladies-only area. It is neither a MANGA-Café, an internet cafe nor a hotel. It is a convenient and comfortable space that combines all those good points of them.

  • JOY-Café


    It is an internet cafe in Hokkaido. Abundant selection of Manga, magazines as well as online games and internet, table tennis and darts, billiards are also available on 7/24 basis.

Hair and Scalp Conditioning Salon BusinessHair and Scalp Conditioning Salon Business

Hair and Scalp Conditioning Salon Business

A hair and scalp conditioning salon "SCAL QUICK"; selected therapists perform treatments for those with scalp troubles, hair loss, and facial problems. Two salons in Hokkaido and one each in Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Fukuoka are very well accepted by a lot of repeaters and earned high reputation with luxurious private rooms and reasonable price setting.




    It is a private salon that is committed to everything involving customers, not only spa treatment techniques as well as the goods to use for treatment, sofa and interior accessories. The spa treatment specialist will offer you the best menu through a careful counseling.